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320 pages

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and the Natural World

Judith Hendry
University of New Mexico

Communication and the Natural World explores the many ways in which our communication about the natural world profoundly affects how we perceive and interact with it. It discusses the complex and dramatic environmental issues that pervade our relationship with nature today. And it shows, clearly and vividly, how cultural, philosophical, commercial, mass-mediated, and popular discourse shape and are shaped by our responses to those issues.


  • Major environmental issues and problems summarized clearly and engagingly

  • Philosophical perspectives, movements, and controversies explained and illustrated

  • Environmental rhetoric in everyday life, from popular culture and green marketing to media coverage and political discourse, explored and illustrated

  • Citizen activism and public decisions discussed in their social, political, legal, and practical frameworks

  • Communication concepts and forms emphasized throughout


  • Many examples and comments from public discourse, citizen activists, and popular and scholarly literature

  • Connections text boxes that point to additional perspectives

  • Discussion questions and exercises at the end of each chapter

  • Additional Readings with essays and excerpts from classic environmental writing (see table of contents)

  • Selected Bibliography of classic, popular, and scholarly works

  • Timeline of major milestones in the United States environmental movement


“Judith Hendry’s Communication and the Natural World is an outstanding contribution to a growing body of educational texts in the area. Hendry’s book is unique in a number of respects, including its focus on building blocks of rhetorical theory, philosophy, and ideology as bases for understanding environmental discourse; and its effort to provide an overview of vital environmental issues facing the world in the 21st Century. A well-written gem!”
Stephen Depoe, University of Cincinnati

Communication and the Natural World is an exciting addition to the field of environmental communication. It synthesizes an impressive amount of material, and I expect it will be widely used in the field.”
Daniel J. Philippon, University of Minnesota

“Dr. Hendry does an outstanding job of organizing and categorizing a wide range of scholarship on environmental communication. I believe this text will make a substantial contribution to the teaching of environmental communication.”
Emily Plec, Western Oregon University

“This textbook provides an excellent overview of the environmental problems confronting the planet, the strategies and tactics that communicators use to raise public awareness and influence action on these issues, and the ways that media help to shape attitudes about the natural world.”
Terence Check, College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University

“I find this to be a well-written and comprehensive text on environmental communication. The author has organized and presented the material well. It is written in an appropriate manner for students, defining terms well and using examples effectively.”
Jeffrey Kassing, Arizona State University West

“I think the manuscript does a fine job within the framework adopted, and I think that framework is appropriate.”
William J. Kinsella, North Carolina State University

“This book is a good introduction to environmental problems (Chapter 2), environmental philosophies (Chapters 3 and 4) and to the importance of communication in framing our understanding of the environment.”
Stacey K. Sowards, University of Texas at El Paso

“The writing style of the book is very clear and comprehensible. The chapter sequence is eloquent and useful.”
Anne Marie Todd, San Jose State University

“Clear explanations of rhetorical concepts”
Steve Schwarze, University of Montana

“The voice in this book is exactly right. Hendry explains concepts clearly and concisely without ‘dumbing them down.’ She raises interesting issues and explains them clearly. She managed to present interesting problematics without clearly resolving them but also not without weighing in on the issues herself.”
Jonathan Gray, Southern Illinois University

“Hendry provides a comprehensive look at this burgeoning field of study. Her writing and analysis are insightful and accessible to my students.”
Jim Hasenauer, California State University, Northridge

"Communication and the Natural World will be useful to many of us who teach environmental rhetoric."
Jennifer Peeples, Utah State University

“It is nicely written, relevant, and perfect for introducing students to environmental communication.”
Jessica Thompson, Colorado State University


Judith Hendry is a faculty member in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico, where she teaches courses in environmental communication and rhetoric. She received her B.A. from South Dakota State University, her M.A. from California State University, Los Angeles, and her Ph.D. from the University of Denver. Her work in environmental communication has been published in journals such as Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, Multicultural Perspectives, and Speaker and Gavel. She has contributed chapters to several books, including Environmental Communication Yearbook and Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making.



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