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Information for Professors

We are pleased to offer complimentary review copies to professors for classroom adoption consideration. Please include the following information in your request:

  • title requested, author, and ISBN

  • course number and title

  • semester next offered

  • decision date

  • estimated enrollment

  • current or most recent text

  • professor's name and complete address at your college or university (We can mail to your home address upon your request. To do so, we must have both your campus address and your home address.)

Please mail your request to: 

Strata Publishing, Inc.
P.O. 1303
State College, PA 16804

OR e-mail it by clicking on this text line and providing the information listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, we are unable to receive requests that are sent as email attachments.

Review copy requests are subject to approval.



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